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About Our Founders

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Cynthia Garcia, B.S.P &

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Cynthia Garcia is a remarkable individual who serves as the CEO of a family-owned agency. With years of experience in her field, she has established herself as a highly professional and respected leader. One notable aspect of her background is her bachelor's degree in psychology, which has undoubtedly contributed to her success in her current role.


Having a family-owned agency implies a deep-rooted commitment and understanding of the business. Cynthia's leadership in such an environment speaks volumes about her ability to navigate complex dynamics and make decisions that balance both professional and familial considerations. This unique perspective likely enables her to foster a sense of unity and collaboration within her team, creating a conducive working environment that values both personal relationships and business growth.


Representing and Running the Business

Cynthia's years of experience further enhance her capacity to lead effectively. Over time, she has likely encountered a diverse range of challenges and opportunities, enabling her to develop a well-rounded skill set. This experience equips her to make informed decisions, devise effective strategies, and anticipate potential roadblocks. Her ability to adapt to changing market trends and industry developments is likely a key factor in the agency's continued success.

Her background in psychology adds an interesting layer to her leadership style. A degree in psychology can provide valuable insights into human behavior, communication, and interpersonal dynamics. This knowledge could manifest in various ways, such as her ability to build strong relationships with clients, motivate her team, and foster a positive organizational culture.

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Iarlis Cuesta, M.S. &

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Iarlis Cuesta is a prominent figure within the agency, holding the crucial role of the main Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). As a BCBA, Iarlis plays a pivotal role in designing, implementing, and overseeing behavior analysis programs to help individuals with behavioral challenges lead more fulfilling lives. With expertise in behavior analysis and a passion for making a positive impact, Iarlis contributes significantly to the agency's mission and success.

As the main BCBA, Iarlis likely possesses a deep understanding of behavior analysis principles and methodologies. This knowledge allows them to assess and address a wide range of behavioral issues, from developmental disorders to learning disabilities. By tailoring behavior intervention plans to the unique needs of each individual, Iarlis aids clients in achieving their goals and improving their overall quality of life.


Eddy Hernandez, M.D. &

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Eddy Hernandez holds the important position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) within the agency. As the CFO, Eddy is responsible for overseeing the financial operations, strategies, and decisions of the organization. This role is crucial in maintaining the agency's financial health and ensuring that it remains on a path of sustainable growth and success.

One of Eddy's primary responsibilities is financial planning and management. This involves developing budgets, forecasting financial outcomes, and making strategic financial decisions that align with the agency's goals and objectives. Eddy's ability to analyze financial data and trends helps guide the agency's direction and supports informed decision-making.

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